Diamond DTO | Based in Tallinn, Estonia | founded in 2020

Diamond DTO
is a declared training organization.

We provide training for private helicopter pilots PPL(H) and type rating for Bell 206.

PPL(H) Private Pilot Licence – Helicopters

A private pilot has the right to operate as a captain or co-pilot on non-commercial flights on helicopters complying with the type rating indicated on the permit.
The initial licence permits you to fly during the day in visual flight conditions in helicopters which are classified as single-pilot aircraft. The training is conducted with Bell 206.

PPL(H) Theory

The total theory course duration is 147 hours, which includes both learning in the classroom and independently at home. Our lecturers are experienced professionals who provide support in theoretical knowledge. They are invaluable advisors for our students at all stages of training. Some of our lecturers are pilots themselves.

Theoretical knowledge subjects:
– Air law
– Human performance
– Aircraft general knowledge
– Flight performance and planning
– Meteorology
– Navigation
– Operational procedures
– Principles of flight
– Communications.

PPL(H) Flight training

As a private helicopter pilot, you need at least 45 hours flight training. This includes at least 10 hours of solo flights. You will learn all flight manoeuvres, navigation, and emergency procedures to a safe landing. The training is conducted with Bell 206. Our flight instructors are experienced professionals.

Bell 206 initial type rating and renewal

The aim of the helicopter type rating course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate safely a Bell 206 helicopter and to pass the theoretical knowledge examination and skill test.